Your Preventive Healthcare Checklist

May 14, 2019News

They say health is wealth and only really appreciated once health challenges arise and impede on your regular lifestyle and routine. Maintaining good health is very important as it affects all aspects of your life and productivity. Whether you are in your early 20s or your more seasoned years, being mindful of your health care and taking the right preventative health measures will help you maintain optimal health. Below is a five point checklist for maintaining good health and longevity for years to come.

1. Visit your GP regularly

Your General Practitioner is someone who coordinates your overall healthcare. Developing a rapport with your GP is an effective way of managing your health. Regular visits to your local practice mean that your GP becomes familiar with your medical history and can spot any problems early on. Starting treatment early for most ailments and diseases usually increases the chances of better outcomes.

2. Women’s health

In Australia, a cervical screening test is now offered every five years to women between 25-74 who have been sexually active at any point in their lives. It is imperative that you take advantage of this service and have a regular test to check for any irregularities. The sooner any problems are spotted and addressed, the more likely they are to not evolve into anything more serious and life-threatening. If you meet the demographic conditions and haven’t had a test in the last 5 years then make an appointment at your earliest convenience..

3. Nutrition and weight-loss

Your local GP practice can provide both nutrition and weight loss support. Both are directly linked to preventing chronic illnesses that can be debilitating. Obesity is a huge risk factor for many preventable diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Since diet is the primary cause of obesity, it is important to consume the recommended number of 5 vegetables a day and 2 pieces of fruit while reducing your consumption of processed foods, sugary drinks and alcohol. Ensuring your body is properly nourished with essential vitamins is vital for helping achieve wellness long term.

4. Pursuing an active lifestyle

Many would argue that Australia’s staple is a strong sporting culture. Unfortunately, however, the reality is far from this for ordinary Australians. Obesity is on the rise at every demographic level with approximately a quarter of all children not in a healthy weight range. Maintaining an active lifestyle with regular exercise and movement is a great preventive measure for chronic illness. Some of the benefits include regulating blood pressure, keeping arteries clear, reducing sugar levels and maintaining an ideal weight.

5. Quit smoking

Smoking is an expensive habit that brings with it a whole host of potential health problems. From lung disease to coronary heart disease, it is a leading cause of serious chronic illnesses which are mostly preventable.

Smoking not only speeds up the aging process internally but is also linked to enhancing physical signs of aging. It can greatly affect your skin; causing more wrinkles to appear earlier, it can make your complexion dull and discolour your teeth, adding decades to your true age whilst reducing your quality of health and longevity. Quitting smoking will improve your health dramatically, increase your lifespan and give you more disposable income for much more important ventures. Consult with your doctor today to seek measures to help you quit smoking.

6. Health Insurance Coverage

In addition to these general health measures, it is important for seniors to have adequate health insurance coverage. Health insurance for seniors can help cover the costs of medical treatment and prescription medications, which can become more frequent and costly as you age. It is important to research and compare different health insurance options to find the best plan for your needs and budget. By combining good preventative health practices with comprehensive health insurance coverage, seniors can maintain their health and well-being for years to come.


There are numerous preventative health measures you can take today to benefit your long term health and wellbeing. Weight management and enjoying an active lifestyle are important methods of reducing your risk of chronic illnesses while a nutritious balanced diet is vital for nourishing your mind and body.

Scheduling regular visits to your local Ascot GP, however, is paramount for everyone. Keep your health in check and ensure that potential health concerns are flagged early by prioritising your general check-ups.