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Ascot Family Practice is a fully accredited medical practice. This means that we are audited on a regular basis to ensure that we stay current with trends and best practice as well as provide patients with a particular level of service, cleanliness and hygiene. Ascot Family Practice is committed to promoting wellness and disease prevention to our patients.

Our professional team aims to provide patients with comprehensive, continuous and confidential medical care in all aspects of family medicine. We endeavour to treat patients courteously and with respect. We provide this in a caring, friendly and professional environment.

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Personable & Understanding

Our docts are friendly and understanding of your medical issues.

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Book the appointment which is most convenient for you via our online booking system. Hassle free appointment booking.

Expert Medical

We have over 50+ years experience providing advice in all areas of General Practice.

Family Orientated Practice

We’re a family practice which puts our patients health first. We offer the latest treatment options to ensure healthy results.

What are your regular practice hours?

Monday – Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm
Saturday 8.00am – 12.00pm

Are you a bulk-billing practice?

At this time, we are not a bulk-billing practice and all consultations are billed at the doctor’s discretion. For patients holding pension or healthcare concession cards, we do charge a discounted fee. 

Can I get my results over the phone?

If you wish to discuss your results, you will need to schedule an appointment with your doctor. For the results of pap smears which have been marked normal by the doctor, the nurse is able to give this result over the phone.

Do I need to schedule an appointment if I just need a script?

Yes. For the doctor to write a prescription, they will need to assess you and your ongoing need for the specific prescription.

Do I need to schedule an appointment if I just need a medical certificate?

Yes. A doctor will need to assess you to provide a medical certificate and any further recommendation that you take time off work, study or other duties.

Is the doctor able to write a specialist referral without a consultation?

No. You will need to see a doctor to have a referral written as the doctor will need to assess you and discuss your ongoing need to see a specialist.