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Our aim is provide total primary care to all who choose our services both in terms of preventative and curative medicine. We also provide long-term ongoing family medicine and an understanding of your health concerns in a caring and friendly atmosphere.

We have a strong focus on health promotion and disease prevention. We are dedicated to the highest standard of professional and clinical care for our patients, both acute and preventative.

Our aim is to have you feel that you or your family have been well cared for after a visit to Ascot Family Practice.

The following medical services are available at our practice:

Accident and Emergency Treatment
Our fully equipped modern treatment room is well equipped to deal with most acute injuries on site. We have a registered nurse in attendance at all times. The medical team can suture cuts and wounds, stabilise fractures and deal with eye injuries.

Care Plans / Health Assessments
Health Care Plans or the Enhanced Primary Care program was introduced to provide more preventive care for older Australians and improve coordination of care for people with chronic conditions and complex care needs. The program provides a framework for a multidisciplinary approach to health.

These plans provide specifically for; 45 Year old once off health check, chronic disease management, Health Assessments for older persons (75+), and Intellectual Disability Health Assessment. Also known as GP Management Plans they are very effective for patients who will benefit from a structured approach to the management of their health care needs

Continuity of Care
It is in your best interest to have a regular doctor. It is very important to see and speak to the same doctor to follow through on a problem. Doctors prefer not to take other doctors calls for results as they are not familiar with your entire medical history and cannot advise on what follow up you need and results cannot be interpreted without prior knowledge of your conditions. Therefore, obtaining results will require a visit to your doctor. Valuable information may be lost if you change doctors frequently. So wherever possible, speak to/ see the same doctor who ordered your tests and has been monitoring your condition.

Counselling / Depression
Patients sometimes need help to overcome feelings of depression, stress and severe anxiety. Our Doctors are happy to help in these cases, but we do encourage you to make a longer booking to discuss the issues, as there is often much to discuss.

Dive Medicals
We have a couple of doctors who are accredited diving medical examiners, available to perform recreational diving medical examinations to Australian state and national standards. Contact reception to book an appointment.

Driving Licence Medicals
If you are a regular patient of this practice and require a Medical Certificate of Fitness to Drive a private vehicle, because of your age or a Medical Condition, then just book an appointment with your regular Doctor.

Home Visits & After Hours Service
Home Visits may be available to our regular patients who live in the local area and subject to doctor availability. They are for patients who are unable, through severe illness / immobility, to attend an appointment at the Practice. Should you desire a Home Visit, please advise the Receptionist who will discuss the situation with your Doctor and make appropriate arrangements. Please note that the visit may not be able to be accommodated on the same day requested. (Home Visits are not Bulk-Billed and incur a private consultation fee).

We subscribe to Brisbane After Hours Doctors who will visit you at home when the practice is closed. They can be contacted on 1300 466 337 to arrange an after-hours home visit. All patients are bulk billed for this home service. Please ask at our Reception for a brochure, or go to their website at to find out more. The next morning they will then notify us of the nature of your problem to update your clinical files so that we can provide continuity of care.

For emergencies we recommend you go directly to the Emergency Department of your nearest hospital or dial 000 for an ambulance

Interpreter Services
Interpreter services are available at this practice. Please let the receptionist know when you book your appointment.

Implanon® - Insertion and Removal
Implanon® is a contraceptive implant containing the hormone progesterone. It is inserted under the skin in the arm by a doctor under local anaesthetic. Each implant lasts for three years. It is easily removed and quickly reversible. Some considerations are that your period can become irregular or stop altogether, and again they don’t offer any protection against sexually transmitted infections or HIV/AIDS.

We have a couple of female doctors who are trained in Implanon® insertion and removal.  They would be happy to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have regarding this type of contraception.

Pregnancy – Ante and Post-Natal Care
Whether you are pregnant or have brought home your little bundle of joy, the doctors at Ascot Family Practice can help you to transition to parenthood.

Preventative Health Checks
We are able to provide various forms of more comprehensive health assessments and encourage eligible patients to avail themselves of these services. These include:

Over-75‘s Health Assessments - All our patients over 75 years of age are encouraged to book annually for their Over-75s Health Assessment. The duration of this assessment is usually an hour with the Practice Nurse and your normal doctor. These visits are Bulk-Billed.

Diabetics - We recommend an annual Diabetes Assessment, again a full hour in the Practice, with assessment of your Diabetes management, and screening for complications, in addition to regular monitoring during the year. Diabetics should also have a GP Management Plan.

Asthmatics - An Asthma Assessment, usually over two visits, with assessment of lung function by spirometry, and development of a written Asthma Management Plan, is recommended for asthmatics who require preventer medication to control their asthma.

45 - 49 Year Old Health Assessments
- these are designed for people in this age group with risk factors for disease - after first having screening blood tests, spend an hour with us identifying and planning to manage your risk factors to ensure years of good health.

We undertake a number of routine General Practice procedures in the practice. These include ECGs, Spirometry (to assess lung function), cryotherapy of warts / skin tags / sun spots, excision of moles and skin cancers, insertion & removal of Implanon, suturing of lacerations, plastering of fractures, dressing of wounds, wedge resection of ingrown toenails etc.

An initial consultation is generally required with your normal treating GP and the procedure is booked for another day. This is to ensure that the adequate time booked. There is an out-of-pocket cost for all procedures.

Skin Checks
Our doctors are happy to perform a skin check to assess your spots and moles however in some cases you may be referred to a specialist. If any treatments are required, such as cryotherapy or excisions, these can be performed in our well equipped treatment room. Excisions are usually booked for another day when convenient to both patient and Doctor. We do not advise that patients book an excision directly at their first visit, as our assessment may be that it is not required, or conversely, that a longer booking might be needed for it.

Skin Healthcare
Our practice has a large treatment room with state of the art equipment. Registered nurses assist with minor surgical procedures. In addition to skin checks, our doctors are highly skilled and experienced in performing procedures such as the removal of skin cancers, moles, cysts and warts.
Cryotherapy may be used for the treatment of early skin cancer changes. Diathermy treatment of lesions is also available.
Our treatment room staff can also take care of wound repairs and plastering of fractures.

Travel Medicine
We are able to provide advice on travel to countries around the world, and are able to administer vaccines for the vast majority of countries visited (with the exception of Yellow Fever vaccinations, required for a few equatorial African or South American countries only). It is best to plan well ahead of your holiday. Make an appointment to discuss your travel medicine requirements at least 6 weeks before your departure date. We stock and supply many travel vaccines.

We are able to provide vaccinations according to the Australian National Immunisation Programme (NIP) for children and adults. These are supplied free of charge and the consultation is generally bulk-billed.

Other recommended, but non-funded vaccines, are available for purchase and can be administered in the same visit. We also offer a comprehensive Travel Vaccination service (including Yellow Fever vaccination). Please advise the Receptionist when booking for a vaccination, so that the appropriate booking can be made.

Women’s Health
Ascot Family Practice is staffed by a number of female doctors who not only sympathise with any of your female problems, but also fully understand how you’re feeling. In addition to their special interest in Women’s Health they are all General Practitioners who promote an on-going relationship style of health care provision with their patients.

Our services include pap smears, breast examinations, family planning advice, contraceptive advice, period problems, pre-pregnancy counselling, pregnancy care, menopause care, gynaecological care and well woman checks.

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